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Blessed with a unique voice that can be in turns silky, sultry or sweet, Jazz Duchess Doris Spears, has sung with many legendary Jazz and Blues performers throughout her career,including Lionel Hampton, Von Freeman, Jack MacDuff, David Braham, Radam Schwartz, Joe Zooks Blues Deluxe, and Lefty Bates Allstar Blues Band. To a SRO Jazz and Blues crowd on a beautiful Fall afternoon at the Ellarslie Museum of Trenton New Jersey, the chanteuse showed that her skills are second to none; both as a seasoned singer with an unmistakable voice and as an accomplished show-woman that knows the art of how to take an audience to the many places her incredible life has taken her sincerely and unapologetically. The show was titled "Treasures in Rhythm", but could just as easily have been called, Doris Spears,"The Treasure within a Treasure." With a 7 piece rhythm section conducted by Master Pianist-Organist David Braham of Union New Jersey, and supported by three sexy back-up singers dubbed the "Parisian Pearls"; that is Carol Kounitz, Amy Raditz, and Charley Gayden on the Blues tunes, Mam'selle Spears and her crew glided on gossamer wings on "Deed I Do", swung deep in the Delta on "Jack of All Trades"; did Lady Day proud on "Everything Happens to Me" and elevated the art of listening up a riveting notch on the personally penned,"Ode to a Whore." My suggestion is to see "The Duchess" whenever you can, while you can. For as with all great treasures, you can miss her...and what a shame that would be! Jasmine Lee-Jazz Now 11252005


           A Voice Long Gone-A Novel Allegory