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New concept CD is coming soon, called "WHOROLOGY", the perfect fusion of Straight ahead Jazz and Blues, Spoken Word, Folk and Pop. Spoken word tune is called "Train Coming". Go to You Tube, enter my name and the song title "Train Coming"  to  preview it. The themes covered in the tunes are Love, Sex, Misogyny, Hate, Redemption and Spirituality and is a mix of covers and original music by the Duchess herself. Look for it January 2017. This will be the first CD by the Whore4WAR band.


Whore For War™  (Women Against Rape) is the Band. The New album is titled "Whorology"  Check this website for periodic updates. Blessings.

A Voice Long Gone-Critique 

Spears, Doris
A Novel Allegory
Xlibris (225 pp.)
$29.99 Hardcover
$19.99 Paperback
$9.99 e-book
August 30, 2011
ISBN: 978-1465348340
                                                       Kirkus Review

          Spears’ novel speaks to the most distressing concerns of contemporary African-American life.
          The book is an exploration of the personal, economic and familial trials of Tequila Victorious, a multiple
rape survivor from an acrimonious home; her children, Alizay and R&B; and their…

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